Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life in the fast Lane

I've been so busy lately.Last Saturday we went to Atlanta to pick up Zack, he seems to be having a good time. Sunday was our normal busy Sunday. On Monday I started my college classes. It seems like every day something has happened or been going on.I've had taught 2 classes this week,Crazy Curves last class was Monday and Pickety Sticks started Tuesday. I promise to get pics from Crazy Curves posted.
College has been stressful, I need to get in the groove of it. Please say a special prayer for me. I believe once I get a plan of how to get everything done,it will be ok
I'm still doing Weight Watchers,I've not been doing great but still slowly losing.I'm at 23 pounds,one of my things that I need to get a plan for.....
I have not been getting much sewing done. Picture This for my last class needs to have the back sewn together and be quilted.I hope to get sewing back into my life.I need it,that's why I need a plan so I'll not be stressed.
Till next time Happy Sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Carla said...

I understand completely what you're going through starting your classes. I went back to school 2 yeas ago and took one or two classes a semester including the summer while working full-time. I remember the night after I got home from my first class I sat and cried wondering what did I think I was doing? It didn't help that I found out the next day that I had pneumonia. However, now I'm finished and very happy that I stuck with it. Get a plan and you'll do great!