Monday, June 30, 2008

Aunt Barbara

My Aunt Barbara passed away on Saturday.She was my Mom's older sister.I have great memories of her.She was very different from my Moma,she didn't make sure you had your shoes on, hair brushed, etc.....I'm sure that was because she had 7 kids as we say in the south "she had door steps"Also I was younger than all of her kids so let's just say she spoiled me. I always remember her doing things with my Mom,you know how sisters are let's dye each other's hair......Let's go to yard sales on Saturday.........Can you keep my kids(my Mom was in trouble she didn't have as many).........My Aunt Barbara was very kind, She didn't have much,but she would give what she had if she thought you needed it. She also was the queen of Yard Sales......she could find something for some body's collection.I don't remember her buying for herself.
My Aunt Gayle is the older sister of my Mom and Aunt about a all family get together,they would talk for hours.Growing up I thought it was so me and my cousins could clean the kitchen .Now I know it was a special time for them.
My Aunt has been sick for sometime now,so I believe she is in a better place.Please keep my family in your prayers,family will be traveling from NC,La,Ms and Ohio to Florida.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Swing Bag

This is an Amy Butler Pattern,it has a bow that I chose not to use.It was a quick pattern.I have another one cut out ....just need to sew it. It looks very plain in pic,but it is really cute.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can You Say Stupid

I feel so stupid,I've spent an hour and a half messing with a new pic for my header. Kept having trouble with my photo program......kept doing it over and over again.......finally got it to work,so I thought.In all the redoing I misspelled my own blog name and couldn't save the picture. So I started over. I do like this pic of Pickety Sticks,but I also liked the pic of the irises. Oh well life is tough sometimes.

Baby Reagan comes home!!!!!!

This is the happy Nana and Mom.She came home to a baby shower given by Family and friends.I'm so happy she is home,she is a little miracle.She is so tiny,but she now weighs 5.15.I believe that is what Nana said.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Test Score

I made an 88 on my test. I'm happy with that. I have a test on Wednesday.....Gotta love that!!!I need to pass this class,so that in the fall I'll be on track for my degree.Pray for me.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

White Water Rafting

Last Saturday we went white water rafting,I have to admit I had a good time. I'm afraid of the water,actually the idea of going under it. The trip was a 5 mile ride down the Pigeon River.Joni and Zack waiting for the big ride.The only thing about it is the fishy smell of the water.We wore old clothes and tennis shoes.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm waiting for my grade to be posted!! I've checked at the very least 10 times. Sounds like an algebra problem?(LOL) I do believe I'm beginning to grasp the concept. I hope since a passing grade is what I need. To take the classes in the fall this class is Zack and I are off to LQS.He was bribed,he wants to go to Bass Pro. Need a break,going there and to Concord Mills.What relieves stress like shopping.
Tomorrow is the big trip.White Water rafting, not something I like. Gary,Joni, and Zack are so excited.Tanya has to work,so convenient! She did not want go anyway.Zack can't wait!He will be going home next weekend,he has been alot of fun to have around.I wonder who else will come for a visit before summer is over.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pickety Sticks Class Quilts

Toni did a great job,this was her first quilt..........Brenda and Rebbecca did wonderful jobs also.They are teachers at Sewingly Yours.This was just pictures of 3 of the 8 quilts,you know how summer vacations cause people to not attend all classes. I do hope to get pictures of the rest.

I've found I do love teaching ,I believe it is because I love sharing my love of quilting.You may notice all three quilts are different sizes,some wanted larger sizes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Hour Quilt

This quilt was alot of fun,It's from the book "Happy Hour". This one is "Picture This" and the back is "Secondhand Strips Quilt".This will be for my August class.This is a fast quilt with great results.I stippled it in a dark brown. I'm very happy with how this one turned out. Thinking about making a king size for my bed...............

Have been busy lately.School is kicking my butt!!!!!! Had a test yesterday will know tomorrow what I made. I'm shooting for a B.........Hope to get back to blogging more regular. Have lots I could blog about,but no time to get on here. Still need to post what I did in May.That will be tomorrow.

Crazy Curves Class

Here are 3 of my students quilts,they did awesome jobs. My favorite thing about quilt classes are seeing how different quilts look with different fabrics.

Race in Charlotte

This is on Friday nite at the sprint car races.This is my two daughters and my nephew. they are so cool in there big bug glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gary and Aaron checking out the one of the cars,we had pit passes and had a tour. I had never been to this type of race,had a great time.

Here the rugrats are again,this time in the suites on Saturday nite .Different race not sure the name of it.Can you tell I'm a big race fan?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life in the fast Lane

I've been so busy lately.Last Saturday we went to Atlanta to pick up Zack, he seems to be having a good time. Sunday was our normal busy Sunday. On Monday I started my college classes. It seems like every day something has happened or been going on.I've had taught 2 classes this week,Crazy Curves last class was Monday and Pickety Sticks started Tuesday. I promise to get pics from Crazy Curves posted.
College has been stressful, I need to get in the groove of it. Please say a special prayer for me. I believe once I get a plan of how to get everything done,it will be ok
I'm still doing Weight Watchers,I've not been doing great but still slowly losing.I'm at 23 pounds,one of my things that I need to get a plan for.....
I have not been getting much sewing done. Picture This for my last class needs to have the back sewn together and be quilted.I hope to get sewing back into my life.I need it,that's why I need a plan so I'll not be stressed.
Till next time Happy Sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!