Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilty Things

This is the latest Prayer Quilt that I have made.You may remember the 2 that were made last year for the precious little girl babies, Reagan and Taylor. We have another baby girl born early. Christianna is the owner of this quilt....does it not scream baby girl. I have to say I love this quilt even though we all know I love bright colors. The pattern came out of the latest issue of Quilt ..Garden Gate Splendor is the pattern. I always want to make at least 2 or 3 in each issue. Maybe baby quilt size is the answer. It is washed and ready to go to the hospital.

This is Fresh Linens for an up coming class. This is a fun quilt made with charm packs and a jellyroll. The pattern is by Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Trasures. She is one of my favs.
Close up of the quilting.

I quilted this for a customer. I also put the binding on this ,but have no pic of that.

This is another one that I quilted for a customer. I always love Black and White quilts.

This is my new bible cover made completely of scraps.I just pieced odd sized pieces together and this is the result. I have to say it turned out very good.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dresdan Bloom Class

This was a class that I taught a few weeks ago. This is the Dresdan Bloom pattern, you may remember the sample a few months ago. I love to see all the combinations of colors. That is my favorite part of a class. Seeing how different every one's looks. The girls had a great time. The black background gives this one an artsie look.
The purple and yellow on the calico background gives this an 30's feel.

I loved the 2 colors in this one. This is a very girlie dresdan.

This one is one of my favorites.....I cannot lie I wanted all of them to go home with me. For some reason this was not an option....for the life of me I do not know why.