Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

Today was the first day of school. I have a heavy schedule. I have to get in the groove of the school thing. I have mixed feelings of excitement and pure fear. I 'm wanting to learn things from my Expository Writing class but I'm afraid I'll struggle with this class.My girls say I'm just stressing over nothing. I think I'll be find once I figure out a schedule to do my online classes and all my homework. Sorry this had been an I I I post. Just thought if I said it out loud it would be easier to deal with..........I think sewing will be my drug of choice for stress reliever.....LOL

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Moma's Quilts

These are the quilts that I helped my Mom finish.The first one is a quilt for my nephew Aaron. He loves Mississippi State. She had top made,I helped her cut the backing and she stitched in the ditch. This one is from her first quilt class.It belongs to my niece Tannah. My Mom has always sewed but didn't quilt until me and my sister,Laura, started quilting. We got her hooked. She still mainly embroiders.That's her favorite thing to do. We still all sew purses,that is how we all started quilting.I saw an Amy Butler purse pattern and my sister got hers at a quilt store in Mississippi. She said I needed to go look at these quilts. I went to a local quilt shop here and before we knew what was happening we were quilters.

Here's the girls with my parents,we are waiting to eat at our favorite restaurant.
I gave my Mom one of my treadle machine while she was visiting. I made the cutest video of her treadling,but she didn't want me to put it on my blog.

Trip to Asheville

While in Asheville, I went to 4 quilt shops. I love going to quilt shops when traveling. Bought several new patterns and books( you know I needed those) Went to so many antique shops that I lost count.

This is downtown Black mountain.Went to 1 quilt shop and several antique shops. It was a very charming town.

This was in Black Mountain,it was so cute. I've never seen so many old quilts. I didn't find a singer 301. I did find a quilt at Goodwill. It only has one stain on the back and it is hand quilted. I believe it was used as a bedspread for a twin bed,because the part that you can't see in picture is 2 blocks and 2 half triangle blocks. It is beautiful.
I went to Biltmore while in Asheville. This was the only picture I took,it is the most beautiful sunflowers growing on the outside of a corn field. My parents went with me. We had the most fun.If you've never been you should plan a trip.
I believe that sums up my trip to Asheville. I hope to go there again. The people were very nice.I spent alot of my time in Hendersonville.There are lots of towns around Asheville.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Look at My New quilt Top

The name of this one is Dresdan Bloom I have to say I'm loving this one.It's my first applique quilt. I still need to add a pieced 2 1/2 " and 6 1/2" border. I will not be working on it for a few days,on a trip to Asheville,N.C.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Did Not Make Sewing Goal

I didn't make it to 40 hours.......I did sew 22 hours. I've not been sewing much lately with going to school. I had no idea how much time I would need to dedicate to it the last 2 weeks. It was worth it.(got a good grade)

I've already got to sew about 12 hours the last 2 days. I went to the lock in at Sewingly Yours on Friday.I worked on a new quilt. I'll post pics tomorrow. I've worked on it today also.Have to say I'm loving it. My first applique quilt.Here's a few pic from last nite.It was so much fun.We sew,play games,eat and win all kinds of prizes. We had 25 people plus Wannita,Teresa,and Sue. We also got to shop.

My First Customer's Quilts

This is the first one that I did for her.It went well no problems ....... Here's the back.It was stippled with a variegated YLI thread........
Pickety Sticks was quilted with a design with no name. It was quited with a red YLI thread. It was the hardest quilt I've done so far.......thread breaks every 12 inches or so. It took me 10 hours to quilt, but it was worth it.

This is the back,Brenda, pieced it .She based it on the back of my Picture This quilt.You may recognize her second quilt ....she took my class. Brenda is an awesome applique quilter.She loved my work,but she will start quilting her own .....she got her new LA yesterday.