Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Moma's Quilts

These are the quilts that I helped my Mom finish.The first one is a quilt for my nephew Aaron. He loves Mississippi State. She had top made,I helped her cut the backing and she stitched in the ditch. This one is from her first quilt class.It belongs to my niece Tannah. My Mom has always sewed but didn't quilt until me and my sister,Laura, started quilting. We got her hooked. She still mainly embroiders.That's her favorite thing to do. We still all sew purses,that is how we all started quilting.I saw an Amy Butler purse pattern and my sister got hers at a quilt store in Mississippi. She said I needed to go look at these quilts. I went to a local quilt shop here and before we knew what was happening we were quilters.

Here's the girls with my parents,we are waiting to eat at our favorite restaurant.
I gave my Mom one of my treadle machine while she was visiting. I made the cutest video of her treadling,but she didn't want me to put it on my blog.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...'ve been busy! Love the quilts. I also love the one you found in your last post. It's just beautiful. Why would anyone get rid of something like that is beyond me.

Suzan said...

I adore that pastel quilt! You have more than one treadle machine?! Lucky you!!

Hazel said...

How nice of you to help your mom out .Love the new look of your blog