Friday, May 23, 2008

Aaron Graduates 2008

Aaron, Uncle Gary and me(Aunt Sandra) Trish, Aaron and his Dad(my brother)

Joni, Aaron and Tanya

Aaron is the closest thing to a brother my girls have. Him and my brother lived down the street from us from the time Aaron was in 4th grade till the summer after 9th grade when they moved back to Mississippi. He is here visiting , he said he forgot what it was like to have 3 Moms instead of one!!!LOL He feels the same about the girls as they do him.

We are back home now from the graduation. We are going to Charlotte for the races on Friday and Saturday. Still so busy.

Here's an oldie.....not sure how old they are .........maybe 15 ...10 ...7......They are going to kill me. Today they are 27....22....18

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm Still Here!!!!!!

May has flown by.Like so many other bloggers life has just gotten so busy. It has been so long I don't know where to begin.

My sister Laura came for a short visit on Mother's Day weekend. She was here to work, but we found time to play. On Saturday we stopped by Randy's. Then we did the normal things fav eating places,stores etc........

On Sunday She helped me with a prayer quilt for a special baby Taylor Jordan Lilly. This was a quilt that was not completed from my very first beginning quilting class, I had forgot about. God always helps us, for I didn't know about the need till Sunday at church. Ran home and thought how am I going to get this done. Then remembered the quilt. Took it that nite and it then was taken to her after the Church prayed over it. God has been answering Prayers For Taylor.Please stop by an say a prayer for her.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This quilt was also pieced in April. I tried a new quilting design with this one. A small flower. This quilt will be the July quilt class.

Pickety Sticks

I've been piecing backs of quilts lately, a great stash buster. 4 yards plus 1/2 yard for binding.

I have finished Pickety Sticks!!!!!!!!! I had pieced and had back ready in April. Put it on frame and had to Do lots of ripping. It is one of my favorite quilts that I've made. I think it looks like the ocean. This will be the class for June.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kristie is having an 300th Anniversary

Kristie is having a great giveaway. Stop by and let her know I sent you.


This is an old drugstore that was connected to the restaurant we ate lunch at while in Marion,Ky.The owners Mom said "the owners of drugstore locked the doors one day and left everything."It was very neat to see all the antiques.They still use all the soda fountain stuff. The food was very good.We met the mom of cafe first at an antique store on down the street where I got this old quilt top. I think the reason why it is a top is a beginner must have done it. Points don't match and it has pleats in it to make it fit. I love it!!!!!!!!!!! Not the best photo,but the wind was not helping me. I guess it could be raining.
This is from one of the antique shops.All the rooms were set up like rooms of a house. Did I mention Marion has an Amish Settlement. We visited Ella's quilt shed,a bakery, a rug maker,and a general store. I loved the ride thru this area.

Ready for a ride thru the countryside?