Monday, July 28, 2008

Celebrating Passed Algebra

Passed my test on Thursday. Spent Friday shopping with Tyler.We ate lunch before going to the mall.I bet you have no idea where we ate!!! Didn't buy much just lots of looking.

Did stop by Sew Much Fun while out.I bought a cute fall panel and a purse pattern.I plan on sewing tomorrow.I have a customer's quilt to do,then I'm not sure what project I'll work on first.

Tyler is leaving tonite,catching the train home.I'll miss him.It has been a busy summer with 3 of our nephews visiting,one at a time.Boys are very hungry(lol)I'm the strick Aunt and Gary is he cool Uncle.Better get off here so we can leave.

Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Still Alive

My new Dell laptop arrived Friday before last. I had ordered it about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I was unable to to get Internet up and going till Sunday nite.(after long time on phone with wireless router people).Then on Monday it decided to quit working.Spent 2 hours on phone this time and no Internet.It took guy 5 minutes on Tuesday afternoon to get it to work.Why can't they just come out to begin with. This my new sewing machine.I went last week and got it,it is a gently loved machine.Lots of people are getting the new Diamond and trading in their old machines.Lucky me!!!!!
I finally got to sew on it tonite.
School has been taking all my time. I have finals on Thursday.I have an 88 average so today the college accepted me in to the Pharmacy Tech Program. I will get diploma in May.I plan to go on and get the 2 year degree. Pray I pass my finals or I can't start in 3 weeks. I'm sure I will make good on my test.I will be studying till Thursday.

I did get one of my customers quilts done.Hope to get the other one done on Friday.I better get off here and start studying,

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Test Score

I got my test score.....93.....Gotta love it.Now I have to make it thru 2 more test and the final.Plus lots of homework. Sewing is going to be my calm down drug.LOL ...I'm a little behind on the homework will catch that up tomorrow and get ready for my test on Monday.
I didn't get to sew the last 2 days,but I've been doing quilty things.B.O.M. was yesterday and today was teachers meeting.I'll get caught up on Friday and the weekend.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting in Gear

Today I went back to school after missing 2 days for funeral.I had missed a test,I went ahead and took it today. I think I did ok. Today was Tyler's bday( my nephew visiting)We went out to eat and I baked him a cake this morning. Weight Watchers like he needs that,but I do.....
I did sew tonite,block of the month,due tomorrow.Why do it ahead of time!!!LOL...I've decided to set a goal for my sewing,not as large as some,but with school I just don't have as much time.

Goal is 40 Hours For July!!!!!!!!
Considering I have 2 test and a final in the next 3 weeks.This will be a commitment,Plus I want to take a few days for vacation the last week of July. Not sure if my Eclise Quilt Class is going to make,will know on Wednesday.
My first job quilting for someone else....Pick up 2 quilts tomorrow. i guess I had better go to bed lots to do tomorrow.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Family

With our Mom
With our parents

Me,Kenneth,Laura and Renee
These are pictures of my family.Not often we are all together,somebody is always missing. They all live in Mississippi.I live in North Carolina. Not a happy time,but I do love this bunch.