Monday, July 7, 2008

Getting in Gear

Today I went back to school after missing 2 days for funeral.I had missed a test,I went ahead and took it today. I think I did ok. Today was Tyler's bday( my nephew visiting)We went out to eat and I baked him a cake this morning. Weight Watchers like he needs that,but I do.....
I did sew tonite,block of the month,due tomorrow.Why do it ahead of time!!!LOL...I've decided to set a goal for my sewing,not as large as some,but with school I just don't have as much time.

Goal is 40 Hours For July!!!!!!!!
Considering I have 2 test and a final in the next 3 weeks.This will be a commitment,Plus I want to take a few days for vacation the last week of July. Not sure if my Eclise Quilt Class is going to make,will know on Wednesday.
My first job quilting for someone else....Pick up 2 quilts tomorrow. i guess I had better go to bed lots to do tomorrow.

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