Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trip to Asheville

While in Asheville, I went to 4 quilt shops. I love going to quilt shops when traveling. Bought several new patterns and books( you know I needed those) Went to so many antique shops that I lost count.

This is downtown Black mountain.Went to 1 quilt shop and several antique shops. It was a very charming town.

This was in Black Mountain,it was so cute. I've never seen so many old quilts. I didn't find a singer 301. I did find a quilt at Goodwill. It only has one stain on the back and it is hand quilted. I believe it was used as a bedspread for a twin bed,because the part that you can't see in picture is 2 blocks and 2 half triangle blocks. It is beautiful.
I went to Biltmore while in Asheville. This was the only picture I took,it is the most beautiful sunflowers growing on the outside of a corn field. My parents went with me. We had the most fun.If you've never been you should plan a trip.
I believe that sums up my trip to Asheville. I hope to go there again. The people were very nice.I spent alot of my time in Hendersonville.There are lots of towns around Asheville.

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