Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm waiting for my grade to be posted!! I've checked at the very least 10 times. Sounds like an algebra problem?(LOL) I do believe I'm beginning to grasp the concept. I hope since a passing grade is what I need. To take the classes in the fall this class is Zack and I are off to LQS.He was bribed,he wants to go to Bass Pro. Need a break,going there and to Concord Mills.What relieves stress like shopping.
Tomorrow is the big trip.White Water rafting, not something I like. Gary,Joni, and Zack are so excited.Tanya has to work,so convenient! She did not want go anyway.Zack can't wait!He will be going home next weekend,he has been alot of fun to have around.I wonder who else will come for a visit before summer is over.

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