Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quilting Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 1:00a.m. on Monday nite. I have just finished all the quilting and binding. Then I remembered my promise of pillow cases to match Joni's quilt, the turning twenty. I'll do that tomorrow.


This is a closeup of quilting. It's such a busy quilt that I thought stippling was a good choice.Can you say ugly fabric. It made great stack n whacks.

Radiant Sun Closeup of quilting. I love this quilt. black,white, and pink.I had promised this quilt for Christmas of 2006. Can you say late. I did make the orange curtains and buy matching sheets for Christmas 2007. My excuse was I worked a full-time job plus I was not wanting to use my new quilter.{ my 2006 Christmas gift}
Closeup of border and quilting. Joni loves orange. This was my second set of fat quarters,the first set were ugly. Quilt as based on the border fabric which also happens to be a fav fabric. We love paisley fabric.


Moneik said...

Your quilts look great! I'm sure you are glad to have them done.

Jen said...

They look GREAT!! Is this all you had in your pile to quilt??

Carla said...

That is really nice! You did good!

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Great job on the quilts! Love the stippling.

Valerie said...

The quilts you make are so pretty!

Do you ever quilt things for other people & if so how much does that cost? (for a queen size)


Valerie said...

ok, I should have probably left my email so you can answer the question I asked, I don't have a blog set up yet.