Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Dance

It's 12:30 on Saturday nite I'm doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All 3 quilts are quilted. Now the binding, it has been cut and just needed added.Tomorrow I will try to add it. I'm so happy......the quilter has become my friend. I may not sew tomorrow, I plan to get all the binding done by Monday nite. I'm ready for a new project,a red,black,white Crazy Cruves Quilt.

The quilts were not finished on Friday as planned. Gary decided to start yard work. We worked all day and part of today. We are just getting started. Flower beds are cleaned out and mulched. All weeding has been done. Know I will need to clean out my fish pond.[Yuck] Scooby loves to watch the fish. I had to put a little fence to keep him out of it. He is a white dog not a good combo.

We did ride the Harley today. It was a beautiful day. The Harley is Gary's other love.

Happy Easter all my friends and may God bless all of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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laura said...

so glad you finish the quilts see i am leaving message love you cant wait to see it