Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Trip Home to Mississippi

This is a neat place we like to eat at when we go to Kellie's Pins and Needles.
This is another display at The Movie Star....a local restaurant in Purvis, Ms.The food is good and I love looking at the antiques. They had a white was only easy to leave it because it had no case.
We attended a get together at my Dad' meet his new wife and her family. We had a good time. It was hot as hell. I got to see all of my sisters and brothers. Plus my dad's brothers, their wives and His Nannie. It was so worth the heat to see my family.

My Mom, Laura, Trish and Annie

Uncle Gerald and Avery

My Nannie

Seth is telling something not sure what. We had a great time.

Kenneth wearing the hair.

Uncle Douglas wearing the hair.

The whole gang sweating and enjoying the great company.

Gary with his hair. he loves this crazy hat...Daddy gave it to him. It is so unlike him to like something like this.....he still surprises me after all these years.

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Suzan said...

Mercy - I got hot just looking at your family!! We did reunions of my husband's family in Ridge Spring, SC at the end of July a few years ago. I thought I would DIE from the heat and humidity! The second time we went it was worse and I spent the day in a motel with air conditioning and a raging headache. I know how nice it is to see family but hot is hot!