Friday, August 28, 2009

Projects from Last Week

I put this name on a throw for one of my friend's sister. She has been in the hospital. It is orange because she has Leukemia. This is my Off Your Rocker quilt. This is a fun and quick quilt.
This is a customer's quilt ....Betty Davis. I just love her and her name. Yes she does have Betty Davis eyes. This one matches my sewing room.

I have not worked all week and have been lazy. Hopefully I will get busy tomorrow. Tonight I have a date with my sweetie.


SewGlenda said...

It is about time you put something new on here! You do gorgeous work. Thanks so much for the blog; I really enjoy it.

Lori in South Dakota said...

is that a BQ2 quilt?? Do you remember if the focus print was 9" or 12"? I am wondering as I am going to do one soon!