Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in The Carolinas

This is me out taking pictures...with no make-up. I am sick with some kind of bad cold,this cold air is helping me get well. I have never thought I looked like my Mom,but I do in this picture. I love you Mom!!! I started my blog for my Mom to be able to see my quilts and anything else that she needed to see. This my new baby.....a MINI COOPER. I traded my Yarius on Saturday,I loved that car ,but wanted power windows....I was going to get another one,but Gary said "pick something else." I did what he wanted.Joni says it is a clown car. I have to say I love it already even though it has been in the driveway since Saturday because of all the rain and snow.
Kitty did not like the snow...Sasha really did not like it see her in the door. Sasha is my grandpup.

Scooby loved the snow.You would have thought him and Toby were two kids playing in the snow. See the snow on his face.

Toby, my other grandpup had a great time. He had to be made to come inside. He is covered with snow......from running and playing in it.

My front yard and the neighbor's house.

Out back of the house.

This was the view out the french doors this morning. We got between 3-5 inches of snow last nite.

This was the view when I went to bed last nite. It was beautiful while it was snowing. This morning was so bright and white....then it melts and becomes a huge mess.I need to get off here Gary has cooked chili Frito's for us tonite. I was going to cook,but he thought I would get everyone sick.

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Jennifer said...

Your snow beats our snow by about 4 inches! lol. Love the pictures of the puppies...too cute! I love you!