Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ziva and her quilt

Ziva's Mom with quilt at baby shower.

 A picture of her quilt.....been so busy, I had never posted a picture.
 She was just born.
 Waiting on nurse to come take her  to get her picture made at hospital.
 My baby girl ready for her ride home.
 Some more cuteness
She is having a crying spell....Scooby watching her. He is so interested in her. He is a good babysitter.


asterhealthsource said...

Wow!!cute sweet little baby.I like your pattern.congratulation.
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Sônia Regina said...

Hello Sandra, okay? Am I in love with her and visiting art quilt, I loved your blog and I'll be your follower, congratulations! When you want to come visit my blog

ButtonMad said...

Lucky little granddaughter to have a quilting granny!
She is so sweet with that headband...

essle said...

Quilt looking nice..Baby pics awesome.I love the baby.
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