Friday, July 3, 2009

Trip to Las Vegas

We had a wonderful time in Vegas...It is the town that never sleeps. We were up 22 hours the first day we got there. No sleep for us ....we wanted to do everything. This is Moma in front of one quilt store. Yes Vegas has quilt shops. Four are in the valley and this on is in Boulder City(I think that is the name of town) We took a 5 Shop Hop.The quilt shops were so nice.
You know I had to get a pic of this...the food was very good. Plus the were open after 10 pm.

Sorry the pic needs flipping and not sure how. This is Me, my Moma,Susan (how great tour guide) and Edith our new friend and Richard her husband was our photographer.

This is Old Vegas of my favorite places we went. At nite there is a light show in the overhead canopy. This is must stop on a trip to Vegas.

This is the Luxor.....It was nice.....not that we spent any time there.

Gary and I at Margaritaville.....I love this place...I like to go to the one in Myrtle Beach SC. Hope to post more pic from the trip, but I need to go pick Zack up at the train station.

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